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It may feel like taking care of yourself is not a priority when you have a newborn, but I personally believe self-care should not be compromised. A few simple examples are eating a healthy meal, exercising, meeting with a friend, listening to some music, etc.


Keep a gratitude journal

Just writing a few lines each day in your gratitude journal about the good things in your life can make a huge difference.

Trust in your instincts on raising your baby

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed by what we read and hear about parenting that we almost ignore following our instincts. You know your baby best, do not allow anyone to take away the freedom of how you want to raise your child.


Accept support

Allow your family members or friends to help you wherever they can – they can wash your dishes, do the laundry, prepare your meal or mind the baby so you can shower, take a walk or have some shut-eye.


Practice safe and healthy sleep habits for your newborn

Following a simple and calming bedtime routine, understanding your baby’s sleepy cues, and helping your baby sleep before he/she gets overtired are all part of healthy sleep habits.

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