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Pratisha's Journey

From her early days addressing sleep challenges to evolving as a holistic parenting guide, Pratisha’s journey is filled with passion, dedication, and continuous growth. Through her experiences, she’s transformed countless lives, fostering a harmonious family environment for many.

I started my journey much like many of you. Struggling with the sleepless nights of a new baby, I was once drowning in advice, often conflicting, from well-meaning family, friends, and countless books. The sheer exhaustion and feeling lost in the maze of parenthood led me to create ‘Super Sleeper.’ This was my first step in making a difference for parents like myself, desperate for a bit of guidance and a good night’s sleep.

But as every parent knows, the challenges don’t stop at sleep. As my child grew, so did the questions. How do I handle toddler tantrums? What about my well-being? Why do I feel so disconnected from my partner? These questions and the lack of clear answers drove me to look beyond sleep. I saw the bigger picture — the need for holistic support that went beyond bedtime routines.

Becoming a parent is a joy, but it’s also hard. And I recognized this. The guilt when you can’t decode your baby’s cries, the pressure from peers to be a ‘perfect parent,’ or the loneliness of feeling you’re in this all by yourself. These aren’t just your battles; they were my battles too.

And that’s why I ventured into holistic parenting. Not just focusing on the child but also ensuring parents don’t sacrifice their own well-being. Through my courses, consultations, and guides, I help parents navigate the choppy waters of raising kids while also maintaining a balance in their personal lives.

Today, Pratisha isn’t just an expert. She’s a fellow parent who’s been in the thick of it, offering a helping hand, a listening ear, and practical solutions. With her, you’re not alone in your journey. She’s with you every step, ensuring both you and your child grow together, happier and healthier.