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Empower Your Parenting Journey

From her early days addressing sleep challenges to evolving as a holistic parenting guide, Pratisha's journey is filled with passion, dedication, and continuous growth. Through her experiences, she's transformed countless lives, fostering a harmonious family environment for many.

The First Snooze: Integrative Sleep Techniques for Mothers & Newborns (0-3 months)


Becoming a mum and feeling a bit overwhelmed? “The First Snooze” is your go-to. This holistic course gives easy tips on baby sleep and helps mums rest better too. We cover early morning wake-ups, swaddling, feeding, and calming your baby in a natural and balanced way. Jump in to a more relaxed and connected journey with your baby!

Little Sleepers: Guided Zzz's for the First Year (4-12 months)


First year with your baby and puzzled about sleep? “Little Sleepers” can help. This holistic guide gives simple tips to understand and improve your baby’s sleep. We’ll share natural ways for feeding, comfort, and setting good sleep habits. From naps to nighttime, we’re with you. Jump in for better sleep and happy days with your little one!

Toddler Slumber Secrets: Natural Sleep Signs & Solutions (1-3 years)


Dealing with toddler bedtime dramas? “Toddler Slumber Secrets” is your helper. Our easy guide shows how to improve sleep for your 1 to 3-year-old. We cover everything from why toddlers wake up early, how to make bedtime smoother, to understanding nap changes. Dive in for better nights and more energetic days with your little one!

Dream Builders: Holistic Sleep Foundations for Children aged 3-6 years old


Got a 3-6 year-old and facing sleep challenges? “Dream Builders” is here for you. This holistic guide gives easy advice to understand and boost your child’s sleep. We’ll help with nighttime fears, the effects of screen-time, food, and setting good bedtime habits. Dive in for peaceful nights and energised days with your growing explorer!