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Qualifications & Experience

Pratisha is not just a guide but a certified professional committed to your family’s holistic wellness. Delve into her credentials, experience, and the extensive knowledge that backs every consultation and course.

Pratisha Narula, a certified counselor and a renowned Maternity & Child Sleep Consultant, has dedicated her life to family well-being. With a rich tapestry of experience and qualifications, she brings a wealth of knowledge to every interaction, ensuring that parents receive the best guidance possible

Embarking on the parenting journey, you seek guidance that is both knowledgeable and practical. Let me introduce you to the core of my 'Holistic Parenting' philosophy and the real-world experience that shapes the advice I share with families.

Academic Excellence

Pratisha holds a diploma in Early Childhood Development, providing her with a rich academic foundation. This equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of a child’s cognitive, emotional, and physical growth stages.

Global Impact

For two pivotal years, Pratisha worked with the non-profit “Learn-to-Play” in Botswana. At this esteemed organization, she crafted course content and curriculum centering on play-based learning, even amidst the constraints of rural locations with limited resources. This wasn’t just about education; it was about uplifting communities. Pratisha empowered mothers of these children, guiding them towards entrepreneurship, financial management, and income generation. Her efforts didn’t go unnoticed, with “Learn-to-Play” garnering acclaim from global organizations and authorities.

Real-World Experience

But her qualifications aren’t just on paper. Having worked hands-on with over a thousand families from different backgrounds and cultures, Pratisha has garnered real-world insights into the varied challenges parents face every day. From sleep troubles to behavioral issues, her exposure is vast and diverse.

Continued Education

The world of child development is ever-evolving. Recognizing this, Pratisha continually engages in advanced courses and workshops. This ensures that her approach is always updated with the latest research and best practices.

Awards & Recognitions

Over the years, Pratisha’s dedication has been acknowledged by her peers and institutions.

Authentic Understanding

What truly sets Pratisha apart is her personal experience. As a mother, she’s experienced the unique challenges and unparalleled joys of raising a child, offering her genuine empathy and insight.

Collaborative Engagements

She’s collaborated with renowned experts, pediatricians, and psychologists, ensuring a holistic and interdisciplinary approach. This network also guarantees that she stays abreast of the latest trends and innovations in child care and parenting.

Prolific Speaker

Pratisha isn’t just confined to consultations. She’s a sought-after speaker, having delivered lectures, webinars, and talks on holistic parenting across numerous platforms. Her voice has resonated with audiences worldwide, emphasizing her global impact.

Publications & Features

Her dedication to families extends to her writings. Pratisha has authored articles, blogs, and books, becoming a treasured resource for parents. Her insights feature prominently in leading newspapers and social media platforms.

Pratisha Narula’s qualifications and experience are a testament to her dedication, depth of knowledge, and genuine desire to guide families. When you engage with her, you’re not just benefiting from theoretical knowledge but a vast reservoir of practical, real-world insights. Trust that you’re in safe, experienced hands that understand your journey intimately.